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Brokerly Real Estate focuses on the acquisition, disposition, and deal structuring of commercial investment assets nationally and across the americas.

Using a technology based, results driven approach, Brokerly Real Estate connects investors and principals across the globe by creating an intermediary between retail investors, family offices, financial institutions and the like.

Brokerly seeks to provide our clients with a boutique experience, while providing institutional results. At brokerly, we pride ourselves not only our technological ability, but in our people. With different divisions sub-specializing in retail, office, multifamily, single tenant net lease, and industrial property, Brokerly Capital Advisors are brokers from the top national brokerages, experts in their given fields, ensuring every clients receives candid guidance to make well-informed decisions throughout the acquisition and disposition processes.

Brokerly provides its clients with investment advisory services, analytics and data, financial modeling, and capital market services.

Investment Sales

Brokerly prides itself in being at the forefront of market making, we create markets tailored to principal expectations, and arbitrage capital efficiently across the globe.

Analytics and Research

At Brokerly we provide to our clients at no charge institutional grade tools to value, underwrite, appraise, and compare investments like never before. Brokerly Real Estate is partners with an Artificial Intelligence property valuation platform, which allows us to standardize our valuations and provide principals with real time market guidance.

Specialized Acquisitions

Much like the apex predator we are proactive in hunting down opportunity. Our clients provide us with challenging criteria and we always execute accordingly.

Disposition Advisory

Our advisory business is our #1 priority. Which is why we strive for candor when discussing dispositions. We ask the right questions and know when to say no when we believe the maturity of the asset has not been reached.

Property Financing

As part of our dedication to building relationships, we provide to our clients full debt quote services through some of the largest qualified lenders in the industry.

1031 Exchanges

The nuances of 1031 exchanges are vast, and we have the  know-how to navigate the murky waters of domestic and foreign Tax laws to insure our clients are always compliant and secure.